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Unclouded Rains : A Stories Collection

Isn’t it ironical that we tend to have an excitement to get to know others agony, pain, bewilderment and such other emotions which are the prime ingredients of an individual’s heartache? These agonies which are the reason of misery of an individual makes an interesting story for others. The storyteller aware of this general thought-process of society have woven a magic around this rotten society and has aptly titled the collection; Unclouded Rains.
We, Indians, are habituated to dillydallying. Before we start doing anything we sit for a while to think about something else rather than making a strategy for the work we have to do. The various things we do during the hiatus are enough to bring a smile to one’s lips. Let me at this point, also reckon there are things, which may or may not be endorsed by you – we do nothing but talk gratuitously while others listen or vice-versa.

We do this before doing anything – going out of our homes, heading to offices and even before relieving ourselves. We all do the same – either we talk pointlessly or we listen unenthusiastically. In case of effective discussion, the listeners are more and talkers are less. But in the case of gratuitous discussion talkers are more and the listeners are less. When we all are talkers it is termed as “hubbub” in the English dictionary but in Hindi we call it “khichdi”. That means there won’t be any outcome from the discussion. It is a dead waste of time.
If the ‘The Loss of Inheritance’ talks about the patriarchal mindset where just setting the pyre on fire gives you undue advantages then the other stories like “An Unusual Blessing” peeps into the callous mindset where a woman is ready to go to any extreme height in order to have kids. Are these dedication enough to achieve something heavenly or kiss the dust in front of those lecherous bastards like Sadhu who just care of their licentious motives? Indeed this collection brings the plight of the mere mortals, especially the women as depicted in the Plight of Women and forces us to come out of our comfort zone. There are many other nicely crafted stories that keep you glued to the book until the last page.

Mr. Kumar who has used his penchant for observation judiciously to unravel the unaniomity of this naked society in his stories which makes it a must read!

About Author :
Amit Kumar is an engineer by profession but seeing orthodoxy, disparity and inequality prevalent in society he has inclined towards uplift of society. He wants to do work for social equality and social harmony. He believes ‘a pen is mightier than a sword’. He keeps himself in close contact with social issues personally as well as through reading newspapers and the books of literature.

He has done BE  in Electronics & Communication Engg. from BCE Bhagalpur, Bihar. Till his schooling he stayed at his birth-place- a tiny village called Fatehpur Bhagwan that is situated on the bank of river Noon (salt). After completeing his schooling he shifted to the district head-quarter Muzaffarpur, which is famous for a tiny fruit called Litchi, for studying intermediate in science.
He is currently working as a Manager (Quality) in Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Nasik. It is the largest defence public sector undertaking. The year I joined this company it was conferred
“Navratna status.” It manufactures helicopters and fighters planes which are back-bone of Indian Air-force and Military.
 He has also authored a novel ‘A Shadow under the Light ’, a collection of short stories ‘Unseasoned Rains’ as well as articles on love, emotion and anger.



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