Bihar CM loses cool after seeing English display board at Vidhan Parishad

Patna, March 21 (IANS) Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar went angry after seeing directives written in English on the LED display board of the Vidhan Parishad here.

He asked Speaker, Devesh Chandra Thakur, whether he want to remove the Hindi language from the house. He further demanded the Speaker to get the English display board replaced with the Hindi display board.

Nitish Kumar on Monday came to the Vidhan Parishad to participate in the budget session. When he entered the House, he saw the English display board.

"What are the instructions written on the display board?... These are useless and hence rectify it soon. All the instructions should be written in Hindi...," the Chief Minister asserted.

Speaker Thakur assured the Chief Minister that the diplay board will be replaced immediately.

Earlier, Nitish Kumar went angry during the farmers' meeting in Bapu Sabhagar in Patna a few weeks ago. At that time, a farmer was describing the features of crops in English, to which Nitish Kumar immediately interrupted him and asked him to speak in Hindi as it is Bihar and he is addressing farmers.



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